Community Engagement

The Southwest Idaho System (book, 1996) – available in most regional libraries

Coevolution Southern Idaho: Bridging Theory and Action (article in World Futures, 1997)

The North End Agora – Core Definition of Authentic Community (neighborhood project, co-authored, 1998)

The North End Agora: Design Conversation at the Neighborhood Level (chapter in Dialogue as a Collective Means of Design Conversation, Jenlink & Banathy, Springer US, 2008)


Design, Democracy, and Coevolution: The Road to a Good Society (input paper to the 1996 Asilomar Conversation on the Comprehensive Design of Social Systems)

Toward an Evolutionary Democracy: The Philosophy of Mary Parker Follett (chapter in the journal World Futures, 59:8, 2003)

Implementing the USAID Community Action Program through Collaborative Multiparty Design in Local Interactive Management Councils (proposal, early 2000’s)

Facilitating a Global Conversation through the Universal Demosophia Facility (chapter in Dialogue as a Means of Collective Communication, Banathy & Jenlink, Springer US, 2005)


Situation, Stewardship, and Self: Evolutionary Leadership for a New Era (input paper to the 2002 Mary Parker Follett Conversation on Creative Democracy, Boise, Idaho)

Theory of Action for Educational Leadership (academic paper, 2009)


The Failure to Transform Education in Idaho: Diagnosis, Prognosis, and the Alternative (independent research study and proposal, 1996)

IMAGE of Education: A Journey Toward a Learning Community (workbook, 1997)

Designing Communities of Learning (handbook, 2003)

Facts About Learning (booklet, 2004)

VOICES Charter High School Curriculum (2007)

Garden City Community School Curriculum (2005, rev 2008)

Boise Open Learning Network (vision and plan, 2010)

Evolutionary Awareness, Advocacy and Activism

One Nature (main part) (book, 1994)

To Herald the Dialogical Era (submitted article, 2001)

My Evolutionary Diary v.2 (workbook, 2002)

Where Are We – March 2019 (presentation, 2019)

The Evolutionary Activist – Booklet 1 – Making Sense of Today -9-25-20 (booklet, 2020)

The Evolutionary Activist – Booklet 2- Human Development – Making Evolution Personal (booklet, 2020)

The Evolutionary Activist – Booklet 3 – Looking Under the Hood – Assumptions & Images – draft(booklet, 2020)

The Evolutionary Activist – Booklet 4 – Dialogue. The Key – draft (booklet, 2020)

The Evolutionary Activist – Booklet 5 – It’s All Connected – Draft B (booklet, 2020)

The Evolutionary Activist – Booklet x – Creating Together – Learning Democracy (booklet, 2021)

Institutional Reform

Ada County Reform Report – 1996 to 2012 (originally titled “A Case Study in Un-Democracy”)


The Pattern of One – Matthew Shapiro (book, 2007)

Metaphysics (one page paper, c. 6th grade, lost)


Life in a World of Objects (book, 2016; updated 2019)

Behcet’s Disease Pharmaconutrition (2004)

A Culture-Tao Hypothesis (article in The Eastern Anthropologist, 43:4, 1990)